Monday, September 14, 2009

Most of you know, that Teddy the Dog is a chow hound...well this is a lesson I know, but seem to continue to do on a daily basis. Do you think Teddy learned his lesson? I doubt it.

Journaling: How many times have I put food in the trash, and Teddy the Dog gets into it?? Too many times to count!

Well today the little beast got what he deserved. He got the trash can cover stuck on his head, and he could get it off. Unfortunately for Teddy, we were gone all day, so he got to wear the cover for quite some time.

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Polly said...

Oh bless him - from a distance I thought he was wearing one of those collars from the vet.

I have a simillar problem with my cat - she's a bit fat for the cat flap and often pulls it out the door as she goes though and it get stuck around her middle like a big plastic tutu!

Loving you're beautiful LNSED pages.