Saturday, July 18, 2009

all good things, must come to an end

and the winning streak of the Dudley 12 Year Old All-Stars ended last night. It was a tough loss, but we are so proud of the young men on this team. They have played together for the past 3 years as an All-Star team and have grown as athletes, and more importantly as young men.

They had some terrific highlights, including a 3 run homerun by Chris and Tanner, against Tantasqua, beating Shrewsbury for the first time and an amazing double play by Curtis.

They can hold their heads up high, because they always played hard and were good sports. We are so proud of you and look forward to watching you play next year.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lately, life is just crazy, busy and I am always on the go. I am always focused and serious on the tasks at hand. I never seem to just stop and enjoy the life around me.

I wish I could embrace my silly side , like Annaka and her friend Sarah. I wish I could just forget about the craziness for just one day, and be carefree and silly.

I am going to try this...even if it is for only five minutes, I bet it will feel amazing. So please join me and embrace your silly side!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Make a Wish

Life has been hectic, and I have not updated my blog for a long time. This is my beautiful Ingrid, on her 8th birthday. She is not only beautiful on the outside, she is truly beautiful on the inside.

Her dream is to save $250, so she can adopt a polar bear family. Her concern for the polar bears has even caused me to do my part in saving the earth and recycle.

She also want to go and help people "build houses, who are to poor to build their own." She wants to take care of the elderly and just bring peace to all mankind.

Those are some pretty lofty wishes, for a little girl. I know she will make quite qn impact in her life and I am so proud of my beautiful girl!