Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LSNED Sept 13th

Every Sunday, my boys hassle me about going to church. As a kid I did the same thing to my Dad, and I am so happy he woke me every Sunday.

JOURNALING: Growing up I never realized the wonderful gift my father was giving to me. It did not come wrapped in pretty packaging, it did not cost lots of money, but this gift was priceless. This gift was my faith in God, and all the strength and love it gives me.

Now as a parent, I know how special this gift can be. I have used this gift to live my life, and I know some day my children will pass this gift to their children.

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Lorell said...

Great post, Dawn. I grew up going to church as well. It has made such a profound difference in my life. Sometimes now, it's hard for me to go as an adult, because getting everyone ready is such a big chore. It's so worth it, though and I'm glad we go as a family. Keep up the good work...you are an amazing example to me.