Thursday, September 10, 2009

LSNED Sept. 9th

I originally thought that on 09/09/09...I would journal about that for LSNED. When I received Shimelle'sprompt and she spoke about being grateful, I knew immediately my subject.

Karen and Jay Dunn had just stopped over the other day and gave me bags of slightly worn clothing for the boys, and even 2 darling little jackets for the twins. They are always so generous with their friendship, and we love them dearly.

Journaling: Chris and I have been very blessed. We are surronded by so much love from family and friends. One of the families we are so thankful for meeting is the Dunn family.

Karyn and Jay are filled with so much joy and kindness. We know that they are always there if needed. Their generoisty of clothes, rides and just someone to talk to means the world to us. We love them dearly and we are gratefulfor their friendship.

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