Friday, May 18, 2007

There is no place like home.

The day has finally arrived...Ryan returns home from Wesleyan. This photo shows him going off to school, and today unfortunately, is a cold rainy day as well.
I am amazed that the school year has passed. I remember how sad and aprehensive I felt leaving my baby at college. Both he and I have grown this past year.
I have learned to cut the apron strings and let him become an adult (very hard to do). I am so very proud of the wonderful man he has become.
He has really come out of his shell and met some wonderful friends. He loved playing football and has done well in his classes. He wants to major in economics and minor in government.
So today I will get soaking wet packing and moving all of his stuff. It will be worth it, because for 3 months I will have my baby home.