Thursday, October 1, 2009

LSNED Sept. 30th

When I first heard of this project, I decided not to participate. September is a very chaotic month, and I thought I would never have the time to complete it.

I am thrilled that Ramona gave me this class as a gift. It has made me slow down, and really enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I truly am blessed with a wonderful family, friends who I care deeply for, and a very rich life. God has been very good to me, and I am thankful.

LSNED Sept. 29th

One lesson that I have learned, as I get older is...that your children grow much too fast.

My babies have started school, and today they are six years old. Lately, they keep reminding me that my babies are growing up. They can NOT wait until they are "teenagers".

My advice, stay young at heart and enjoy your care free, fun filled childhood years!

LSNED Sept. 28th

Today Alec received the "BIG HIT" tee shirt. This shirt is awarded to a player who has a fantastic game on defense. His great game was against Clinton. He had 4 tackles, and he sacked the quarterback. He made a huge impact that day.

When I asked him what makes him so good on defense, he said..."I'm CRAZY, that's why!"

LSNED Sept. 27th

When you have a mix of heavy rain, mud and have an afternoon of fun! (for the players, not the Mom's) The kids love sliding all over the field, and getting filthy.

I don't like it because I have to deal with the wet, muddy, stinky, laundry.

LSNED Sept. 26th

This past summer, our days were ruled by All Star baseball. Between practices and games, we could not plan a vacation. Our solution...we started letterboxing and hiking. It was a wonderful and fun way to explore the area around us.

The time we spent together was a learning experience, a time for laughs, healthy exercise, and a time to enjoy one another.

Now that school is is session, we all miss our hikes.

LSNED Sept. 25th

Ingrid was so excited today. She has been practicing for a few weeks, to tie her own shoes. Well today was the day, and she did it. She was so proud of herself, and I was as well. Ahe is now very independant, and feels all grown up.

This small, little task is going to make mornings a little easier!

LSNED Sept. 24th

It is very difficult to shop for a man who is 6' 8" tall. I can not find a 36" pant inseam or a 19/39 dress shirt in a traditional store. Even a big and tall shop does not always carry the sizes.

The hardest item to get for Chris is shoes. He is a 13EEEE, and has a very high instep. Every time he goes shoe shopping, he returns empty handed.

On Tuesday, I speical ordered some wing tips, and we needed themshipped next day for an interview Chris has today. I was so worried, luckily the shoes fit!

LSNED Sept. 23rd

It has been almost a month since Ryan has returned to Wesleyan, and he is greatly missed.

His sisters love and adore him, and the boys look up to him, and want to follow him where ever he goes. It drives Ryan nuts, but we just love him.

I am sure that deep, down inside, he misses us...but is having too much fun to admit it.

LSNED Sept. 22nd

Today was a bitter sweet day, my first born turned 21 and I am simply amazed at how times does pass much too quickly!

Journaling: September 22, 1988 was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. I had no idead that my first born child would enter the world that day.

You were not due for 2 more weeks, but you decided you were going to attend your baby shower, and you were the hit of the party.

I just can not believe 21 years have passed. You have brought me so much love, joy and pride. No matter how many years will always be my baby!

LSNED Sept. 21st

Today is the end of an absolutely spectacular weekend. Beautiful sky, warm temps., and a crispness in the morning air.

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. No more long days, no more relaxing by the pool and an end to warm days.

Fall will be here in two days, and I am sad to see summer leave us.

LSNED Sept. 20th

About 6 months ago, the unthinkable external hard drive crashed! Unfortunately, I am far from a techie, and did not have my photos backed up.

I was devastated...eight years and over 200 files of photos wiped out! I was in a state of depression for weeks.

Well today was a shock. Kathy's brother was able to recover my photos, and I cried tears of joy when she shared the news. I have now learned to back up my photos, and I am thrilled to have my photos back.