Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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America's Next Top Model

Yes, here she is Miss Ingrid. Sparkling blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and legs that do not stop...this is our Ingrid. Here she is pictured on "beach day". The students were allowed to wear beach attire, bring a towel and have water safety lessons from the YMCA.
Here personality is pure sunshine, and she is as sweet as honey. Traits that are much more important than beauty. She follows the mantra, "beauty is as beauty does!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Stop pushing me, Stop hitting me, stop farting...STOP the madness!!! My life has been so crazy that I need to take time and Stop. I need time to scrap, time to blog and time to enjoy life.
The kids got out of school today, so hopefully things will slow down and we can Stop and smell the roses.
I am using the word Stop today, because I have been challenged to create a scrapbook layout using the word Stop. So here it Eda has had just enough in this photo. She had been playing outdoors all day, went to her brothers' baseball game and just wanted to sleep. The last thing she wanted was her photo taken, by the crazy mother. Well here is my creation. Please remember to take a moment and Stop to enjoy all that life has to offer.