Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today, I did NOT intend to rest. Today, was supposed to be all about work. Working to get the house picked up, working to get the gifts put away, and working to sort out the old toys for the new.

Unfortunately, my body decided it was time for some much needed rest. After three days of hosting and celebrating Christmas, I got SICK! I caught some type of 12 hour stomach virus, and I slept the entire time and would only awake to run to the bathroom.

Luckily, the Ryan family took the boys to the Museum of Science in Boston and they were gone for the entire day, and Ryan took care of the girls for me.

It felt so good to sleep. My body must have just decided…enough is enough. It took me a full day to recover, but all is well. The work was still waiting for me the next day, but for today I needed some much deserved rest.


Latharia said...

Love your honest journaling about your body just protesting enough is enough! Love the deep crimson & cool blue!

Diane said...

Great (and restful) color combo! Sorry you were sick, but Susanne is probably right - gotta listen when our bodies say stop.

kaj said...

Sometimes you body just cries, "UNCLE!"
Glad you are feeling better now.

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