Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has arrived. The children are anticipating
Santa’s arrival, the cooking is done and it is time to share the
love and joy the season has to offer. Family and friends gather, and we reflect on the many blessings God has given us this past year.

My favorite part of the day is Midnight Mass. I just love how Father Roy has decorated our beautiful house of worship. The music just takes your breath away, as a trio of opera singers rejoice in song. The message of hope that Father brings to us
is the real meaning of Christmas. As Christ enters your heart,
you are renewed and truly blessed.

As you leave Mass in the stillness of the early morning, all is
right with the world. God has truly blessed us with peace.


crazierinreallife said...

this is my favorite page in your journal so far

Johnna said...

This is just absolutely beautiful. I can imagine how wonderful it must feel just as you leave mass - fantastic page!!

Diane said...

Beautiful journaling, Dawn!

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