Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When I think of Christmas and the birth of Jesus, I think of hope. His birth brings hope to all who believe. Well this Christmas, Ingrid shares this hope.

She is trying to save the environment and the Polar Bears. She collects trash off the ground, and always recycles. She gets very angry with people who do not do their part to save Mother Earth. She has collected 300 juices pouches over the past few months. With these pouches she has made these fabulous purses and tote bags as gifts for friends and family. Today she is giving Auntie Robin her environmentally friendly gift.

In return, Auntie Robin has planted a tree in Ingrid’s name. This tree will be in the National Forest and will preserve the habitat. Through the kindness and conscious of these two incredible ladies, there is hope for our future, the environment and of course the polar bears.


Auntie Robin said...

LOVE THIS PAGE! And I love my bag! Can't wait to show it off and to spread the word to all who ask...recycle!

Diane said...

Wonderful page, with a heartwarming story!

jacker said...

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