Sunday, December 2, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, December 2

What is your ideal winter weather?? Today we were asked to journal about our perfect Christmas weather. I want to let it snow, and here is why...Growing up in New England I have been fortunate
to enjoy the beauty and delight of the winter months.

As a little girl, I absolutely loved the snow and cold. My mother would bundle me up in a snow suit and I would spend hours outside sledding, making snow angels and ice skating. Once I had my fill of the cold, I would come inside and Mom always had hot cocoa with marshmallows waiting for me.

As an adult, I love the hours before a snowfall. There is a crispness in the air and a quite calm that always seems to come before the flakes start to fall.

I love to take a walk during a snowstorm at night. The earth is so still and the snowflakes sparkle like diamonds in the moonlight. I love to hear the snow crunch under my boots as I make the first prints in the freshly fallen snow.

My ideal Christmas would be for the snow to start to fall during Midnight Mass. I would love to walk out and see God’s great beauty all around me in the stillness
of the night.

Think about you wish for a white Christmas?? As I write this we are experiencing the first snow fall, and it is absolutely magical.


crazierinreallife said...

that is the perfect holiday dawn. i am right there with you

Latharia said...

You KNOW I wish for a White Christmas ... every single year! Beautiful page! Simple & perfect!

Birdie said...

I hope you get your wish!

akhn said...

beautiful page. I also hope for white christmas here where I live. but it seem that we don't get it this year... But we can hope for it :)

can't wait to see what you will do today

blackcatmimi said...

I love your journaling with your memories of yourself as a little girl. I totally would love a white Christmas but it's rare to get snow in London. Here's hoping you get your wish for a white Christmas!