Monday, December 17, 2007

Journal your Christmas, Day 11

Real...Artifical... colored lights...white lights??? Today we were asked to journal about our Christmas tree. Here is my journaling: Growing up, we always had a real Christmas tree.
I vowed that I would never have an artificial tree.
I also used to decorate my tree to perfection. All
white lights, perfectly matched ornaments and hours
placing each decoration so my tree looked like it
belonged in a store window display.

Well after many years of cleaning up the messy pine
Needles and the tree dying three days after we put it
up, I decided to get an artificial tree. No longer are
there beautiful glass bulbs and Lenox ornaments
hanging from the branches, they have been replaced
with plastic balls and handmade ornaments that the
kids have made for us. Many ornaments are clustered
together and there are bare patches as well. This year
we even have a few sets of lights that are out, but I do
not let it bother me.

Instead, I now see a beautiful tree that is decorated by
the loving hands of six children who still see the magic
in the lights, and who’s heart is full of joy when they
see their ornaments hanging on the tree. That
certainly is much better than having a designer tree!

So, do you have a designer tree or a tree filled with love?

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