Friday, December 7, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, Day 6

Today we had to remember two different tyes of good, one bad. Good Christmases come every year...but there was one very bad Christmas!!


I have been truly blessed. I can remember most of my
Christmases being perfect. The day spent with family
and friends, surrounded by the sights and sounds of
the holiday. My children delighted in the fact that
Santa was good to them, even though at times they
were naughty. On occasion a beautiful freshly fallen
snow on the ground and the peace and joy of the
season in our hearts.

There was however, one bad Christmas in 1998. The
boys and I returned from early mass on Christmas
eve to find Daddy sick with the flu. He stayed in bed,
while I entertained guests. No sooner did they leave
and Ryan got sick. I awoke the next morning
excited to open the presents only to find Christopher
sick along with Daddy and Ryan. No presents were
opened, no excitement or joy…just continuous vomiting!
I was so angry and disappointed…I ripped the ornaments
off the tree, and threw it off the balcony. I packed up
all the ornaments and had everything cleaned up by
noon. Good thing, because I then got sick and my little
5 month old Alec. Our whole family was sick with the flu
for 3 days. It was the worst Christmas ever!!



Latharia said...

Love your take on "sickmas"!! Again, great journaling ... I am so impressed!!!!!! :D

Linda said...

what an unfortunate not so perfect XMAS. great page!