Monday, August 31, 2009

The Official Last "Move In Day"

It's official...Ryan's Senior year at Wesleyan University, and Mom and Meme's last official move in day.

For the past four years we have moved him in to his dorms, apartment and this year a house. We have endured rain, heat and today, absolutely perfect weather. Also, we have dealt with numerouse flights of stairs. We have endured trips to Costco, hunted for the perfect tv stand, storage unit trips, all while trying to stick to a strict schedule, because we had to be back in time for football meetings.

This year Ryan is rooming with his room mate from Freshman year and 4 other guys. I am afraid to see what the house will look like on move out day! One thing for sure, Meme and I thought we were done with our duties until Ryan informed us we could help him, when he moves into Graduate School. We will have to see about that!


jacquie said...

Wow, thats a nice looking house! The time sure has flown by, I can't believe he is already a senior!

Auntie Robin said...

-Wow! Time flies by! Looks like a nice house...let's hope it stays that way!