Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slammin' & Jammin'

Boys, boys, boys...they just thrive on competition (mine do anyways). After this year's NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest, the boys decided to host their own Slam Jam contest. Crazy costumes were involved as well as crazy stunts and antics. This was done all for fun, and for bragging rights that they could dunk.

Here are the "BIG" Boys...Christopher (I can't get my fat butt off the ground)

Jumpin Jones

The "Tan Man" had the best style

Next on board is the Berg man (watch out Lebron)

"Batman" (see attached cape) Alec in perfect form

It was so much fun watching them, and they loved having a captive audience and a camera to shoot their athletic abilitites. All I can say is NBA here we come!


jacquie said...

Love their creativity! That is great fun and you captured it too! Great photos!!!

Chiara said...

oh looks like fun

crazierinreallife said...

they look like they are having a blast

Johnna said...

Just love this - how much fun!!

kaj said...

Daniel would be with Christopher, "I can't get my butt off the ground." You do know that white men can't jump!

Anonymous said...

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