Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Night with the Fairies

On Tuesday evening, our library along with Miss Kathy (the librarian) hosted a night with the fairies. The evening was filled with Irish fairy songs, the story Fairy Houses was read, and then we made Fairy Houses in a shoebox. Of course Eda, and her friend Alyson wore their fairy costumes and danced to the beautiful music.

When making fairy houses you use all items from nature, but nothing living. Sand, shells, sticks, berries, leaves, pinecones, etc. You never use anything imitation, because that can harm the fairies.

We had a wonderful time, and we will be making fairy houses outside this Spring. We hope a fairy will visit you, and spread her magic.


crazierinreallife said...

you invite me to come and make fairie houses. I would love to make them with the girls and then have one in my scraproom for all my scrap faries

Chiara said...

what a totally cool event. great pictures.

kaj said...

Very cool. My niece, Ashley came over to our house last weekend and put on Sarah's dance recital costumes and danced all over the place. That is so cute and I love that they are uninhibited at that age. I'd like to wear my tiara to the library.
Cute idea for the fairy houses.

Johnna said...

I love fairies and little girls - they look like they had a wonderful time and Miss Morgan thanks them for the birthday wishes!

Birdie said...

So sweet! I wish those little fairies would fly out and see me!