Friday, September 7, 2007

In My Honest Opinion

This journal entry was for me to give my honest opinion. I thought about this and I wanted to journal my feelings about Americans. Many days we take our freedom for granted and it makes me angry. My cousin, Major Bill Jakola is in Baghdad now flying his blackhawk helicopter. He puts his life on the line daily to protect our freedom, he and his family are true patriots and I am proud to say he is my cousin. So hear you are MHO, and that is one of the freedoms he is fighting for...I am able to speak my mind and not be thrown in jail. JOURNALING: In My Honest Opinion
I truly believe that our fore fathers would be disappointed in the country we have become. Many times it does not seem that we are the United States of America, we have become a country divided.

No longer Republicans or Democrats, conservative or liberal, we are Americans fighting each other. Pro-Life or Pro Choice, Border control or Open borders, Death penalty or Life in Prison. We can no longer have civil discussions about our differences; name calling and sometimes violence erupt. We no longer treat one another with respect and dignity.

“In God We Trust” is being removed from our courtrooms. Our founding fathers lived by this motto. Maybe if we put God back into our daily lives, the violence would stop and we would become a kinder, gentler nation.

I feel privileged to have been born an American citizen. I take pride in the American flag and I sing the national anthem with great joy. I love this country so much and exercise my right to vote. I just wish others would feel the same way.

In my honest opinion I wish more Americans felt this way. We are a great nation, and if we as Americans do not believe this…how can we expect others to believe it?

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