Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here is to a Happy 2009!!
As I sit back and reflect on 2008, and as I look forward to 2009, one word comes to me over and over again…strengthen. I want to strengthen myself and my purpose in life.

I want to strengthen my relationships with family and friends. In regards to Chris, I want to strengthen our love and respect for one another. Some times in the every day chaos, I think we take each other for granted and I do not want to do that. I want to share more one on one time, and enjoy each other.

I want to strengthen my parenting skills. I want to practice more patience and make time for the simple moments in life. I want to stop and enjoy the youth and innocence of my children. I want to grab each moment and hold on to it forever.

I want to strengthen me. I want to be a healthy, strong woman, both physically and mentally. I want satisfaction at the end of the day, and know that I have done my best.

Lastly, I want to strengthen my faith. Yes, I am a practicing Catholic, but on my birthday, I am going to begin my 40 day journey with the book, “The Purpose Driven Life. Sometimes I forget, I am truly blessed, and there is so much more than possessions and the rat race. I am hoping to begin the second half of my life with purpose and a stronger faith in God.

I hope when I read this next year, I have been successful in my endeavor to strengthen my life.


jacquie said...

Great word for 2009 Dawn! Love your journaling :)

crazierinreallife said...

love you my sweet diva friend!!!

kaj said...

Go you!