Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a beatiful day!!

In the boys' eyes today is definitely a beautiful day. After many years of Christopher asking his urologist if he can play football, and always hearing him firmly say, "no", we were quite surprised with his answer today.

Dr. Hopkins gave Chris the thumbs up to play, as long as he wears a kidney protector. When he heard the news, it was like Christmas. The doctor just handed him the gift he has always

The boys wasted no time, we called the South County Pop Warner to find out if they could still sign up and they were off to practice. They came home glowing and they absolutely loved it.

Of course I had to take their photo, but Alec explained they could not smile, because football players are mean and nasty. Looking at these two, I would have to disagree. They are just too darned cute.


Johnna said...

They are so friggin' cute - especially the animal!! They are beaming - I'm so happy for them.

Auntie Robin said...

WOW...great news! Now we have a new sport & schedule to follow. Best of luck but please be careful!! We love your smiles with all teeth intact!

crazierinreallife said...

they certainly are to damn adorable

kaj said...

They are very cute and you can tell they are loving it! Good luck and here's to a safe season.