Sunday, November 25, 2007

FULL house

Whew!!! Finally the end of a very long week. Ryan and his friend have returned to Wesleyan and Chris and the kiddies go back to school tomorrow. I have cooked and cleaned for an entire week with no break, and my house still looks like a train wreck.
I was on edge all week, and just grumpy and over whelmed. I was angry at my family at times and just wished for once to be by myself.
Then we took the annual Christmas picture and all of those feelings vanished. As I look at these photos, I am reminded how lucky I really am. I am blessed with good health, 6 gorgeous children and a home that I would have never dreamed of having. Life is good, I just have to stop and look at it through rose colored glasses!
This layout was inspired by the One Little Word Challenge that I partake in. This week the word is FULL, I think it is perfect.


Tawnya said...


I love this layout!!!

I will come visit your blog more often :)

Would love you to visit mine too :)

You do have some beautiful children!!! Hugs, Tawnya

Latharia said...

YAY! I am glad that the stress feelings vanished & you found your center again! :D Now, just hang on to that for the rest of the holiday season, with Shimelle's journal, and life will be wonderful!

Chiara said...

great post. love the layout and glad the ickyness went away

Auntie Robin said...

Wow...I am impressed: adorable pics and great music! Very nice job...hopefully the holiday magic keeps your spirits up!

Sarah said...

love the LO! And love the new blog look! Very festive..and that winter picture of you is ADORABLE!

crazierinreallife said...

looking and sounding great here!!!

Linda said...

what a beautiful page!